Saturday, 31 May 2014

Lamaload Reservoir, Cheshire

My son and I took a walk to the Goyt Valley earlier in the year - we were extremely lucky with the weather, and enjoyed many stunning views. The one captured here only happened because we missed a turning, and ended up going in the wrong direction for a little while. I was so pleased with this picture I uploaded it to Lamaload's page on Wikipedia, a strangely exciting experience!

Lamaload Reservoir, 18th April, 2014

Friday, 30 May 2014

Bayleaf Lounge, Bollington

All things start somewhere, and this blog started with this picture. My favorite local restaurant, the Bayleaf Lounge, won an award, so I decided to take a picture to commemorate the happy event. Printed and framed it made a nice gift, and to my surprise has been on display ever since - and not in the toilets! It seems some folks have been asking about who took it - I didn't sign it initially - and so I was faced with the decision of how to publicize myself...not something I've had to do before!

And so, by way of introduction to both myself and my hobby, I present my blog.

Chef and Mr. F, 29th November, 2013